We are looking forward to our next meeting on June 5, 2024 at 7:30pm at the Clubhouse at 1410 Circle Drive. There will be two more meetings this year, one in September and the other in November.  All community meetings start at 7:30 pm and run for about an hour, held at the Community Clubhouse.  Agendas will be provided  and minutes will be available for review online and at the meeting.

South River Park Citizens Association Meeting dates for 2024 currently are:

March 6           General Meeting

June 5              General Meeting

September 4   General Meeting

November 6    Annual Meeting and Election of Officers


Mosquito Control for South River Park - Due to the aggressive area mosquitoes which transmit everything from West Nile Virus in humans to heartworm in dogs, mosquito fog trucks will run through the neighborhood on Sunday nights beginning May 29, 2024, as long as MDA confirms need based on landing rates and night-time mosquito collections.  Please read about the Mosquito Control Policy statement, procedures, and general information.  You can request an exemption from the adult mosquito control services by downloading, filling out and sending in a Request for Exemption form by May 20, 2024.


Request for Exemption

MDA Standard Mosquito Control Operating Procedures 2024

South River Park residents enjoy getting together at various social events and volunteer efforts.  Events discussed include a "Coffee Walk," Fishing Derby, and a BBQ.  Thank you for supporting your neighborhood.


Book Club

Please contact Diane Mairs to join the book club!

Photo Gallery

Community members may provide photos of past events and activities around South River Park to any Executive Committee member to be shared on the SRP website.