Residents and guests of South River Park have access to community facilities. General rules for community facilities may be found here. The following describes those properties individually, including any specific rules pertaining to each and the contacts for more information.


The Community Clubhouse, located on Circle Drive, is available for community events and private event rentals. There are specific rules, and additional doucmentation and insurance requirements if alcoholic beverages are served. 

The SRP Clubhouse has a caterer's kitchen, a large space with wood floors, and two bathrooms.  The building can seat 100 and there is parking for about 80 cars. 

Current rental rates are:

$300 for NON South River Park residents

$150   for  South River Park residents

All renters must provide a $150 security deposit.   

To reserve the SRP Club House or if you need additional information, please contact SRP Club House representative listed on the rental agreement contracts below.



South River Park offers several waterfront facilities for residents’ use. Users are asked to clean up the area after use, take your trash with you, and respect the rights of adjacent property owners. 

Boat Launch Ramp

South River Park residents enjoy private access to a boat launch ramp at the end of Park Road. Guidelines for use of the ramp are found below. Since no parking is available, all users must take their boat trailer home or park at the Club House on Circle Drive. The gate to the boat ramp is locked, and only SRP residents only may purchase a key.

Long and Short Piers

South River Park's other private waterfront assets include two piers. The “Long Pier” located at the end of Riverside Road, and the “Short Pier” located next to the boat ramp at the end of Park Road. No parking at either location. Both piers are open from dawn to dusk. Click here for regulations concerning the use of the boat ramp and piers.

Boat Slips

South River Park currently has two boat slips for rent at the Short Pier Facility. Boat slip rentals and boat slip wait lists are detailed in the community by-laws and Attachments.  Click here for regulations concerning slip rental.

Kayak/Paddleboard Racks

South River Park has kayak/paddleboard racks at Ingall's Beach.  


South River Park has two park and garden areas.

Ingalls Beach, was donated by the Ingall's family for South River Park residents' private use only.  This treasured green space located on Riverside Road, has picnic tables, a beautiful new stone wall with steps leading to the sandy beach on the shore of Warehouse Creek.  A kayak rack is available for SRP residents only.

The South River Park Club House volunteers maintain its beautiful gardens.

Both gardens offer Memory Gardens, a SRP resident's idea, to donate plants in memory of loved ones that create beautiful spaces filled with butterflies and birds.