The South River Park Citizen’s Association meets quarterly at the Community Clubhouse.  Unless otherwise announced, business meetings begin at 7:30 pm.

Meeting dates for 2022 are:

January 19      Special Meeting

March 2           General Meeting

June 1              General Meeting

August 17        Special Meeting

September 7   General Meeting - Cancelled, please attend the Centennial by the Creek community celebration on September 10

November 2    Annual Meeting and Election of Officers


Various social events and community activities occur throughout the year and residents are encouraged to attend as well as to volunteer to help. Scheduled events for 2022 include:

September 10, 2022   SRPCA Centennial by the Creek Celebration


The Community Newsletter, News on the Creek, is distributed four times a year.  In addition, special community news or announcements are distributed as needed.  Click here to view the most recent newsletter.

To sign up for the Newsletter distribution, please send your email address to the Editor, Missy Cassidy at

Photo Gallery

Community members may provide photos of past events and activities around South River Park to the webmaster, Andrew Keppel at