Residents and guests of South River Park have access to community facilities. General rules for community facilities may be found here. The following describes those properties individually, including any specific rules pertaining to each and the contacts for more information.


The Community Clubhouse, located on Circle Drive, is available for community events as well as for rent for private events. The Clubhouse property includes parking for 80 and open field space for games and cookouts. The building is heated and cooled year-round, can seat 100 people, has a full catering kitchen and restroom facilities. In addition, renters can access tables and chairs for use.

Residents may rent the facility for $150 and non-residents for $300 (Note price change effective 1/1/2022). A deposit of $150 is required. To reserve the Club House or to answer any questions, please contact Matt Tippett at 301-938-2530 or email him at Links to the Club House Guidelines, the renter’s contract form and County one day liquor license application can be found below.


South River Park offers several waterfront facilities for residents’ use. Users are asked to clean up the area after use as well as to respect the rights of adjacent property owners. If you have questions about the facilities, please contact Todd Pounds, Chair of the Waterfront Committee

Boat Launch Ramp

Community facilities include one boat launch ramp located at the end of Park Road. Guidelines for use of the ramp are found below. There is no parking at the ramp facility so users are encouraged to take their trailer home or use the parking lot at the Club House on Circle Drive. The gate to the boat ramp is locked. Residents desiring to use the facility may obtain a key from Todd Pounds, Chair of the Waterfront Committee.

The community has two piers for fishing, crabbing or sunbathing. The “Long Pier” is located at the end of Riverside Road. That pier property also has a picnic table available for day users.  The “Short Pier” is located at the end of Park Road. There are no other facilities available at that pier. No parking is provided at either pier so users generally walk to the facility. Both piers are open from dawn to dusk. Click here for regulations concerning the use of the boat ramp and piers.

Kayak/Paddle Board Racks

Two Kayak/Paddle Board Racks are available and located near the Long Pier and at the John Ingalls Beach.  Use is available on a first come/first serve basis. Security at each rack is the responsibility of the user and the community it not liable for any damages or loss. Parking is not available near the racks, so it is recommended that after drop off, users return their vehicles home. For questions related to the kayak/paddleboard racks, please contact Andrew Keppel

Boat Slips

South River Park also offers two boat slips for rent at the Short Pier Facility and one at the Long Pier. Rentals are available according to the guidelines as adopted by the community. Questions related to rentals or rental agreements should be directed to the Waterfront Committee Chair, Todd Pounds.  Click here for regulations concerning slip rental.

Water Quality Sampling Results

Warehouse Creek is sampled for fecal coliform bacteria weekly during the summer months just off of the Ingall's Beach property.  These results will be pasted below when they are received from Arundel Rivers.  If the data below appear out of date, more recent data may be available on the Arundel Rivers facebook page or at



South River Park has two park and garden areas.

Ingalls Beach is located on Riverside Road.  The property no longer has an active beach, but offers a serene view of Warehouse Creek as well as the park property.  A kayak rack is located on the property and plans are underway to improve water access by canoeists, paddle boarders, and kayakers.

The community gardens at the Club House are also maintained by volunteers. In addition to landscaping the park grounds, the Beautification Committee is developing a South River Park Memory Garden as a place to reflect on happy memories in South River Park as well as community members who are no longer with us. Plantings in this area include specimens from gardens of those gone as well as other plantings in memory of past residents. If you have questions about the community gardens or parks, please contact Joanie Sames, the chair of our Beautification Committee.